offers you a list of users who may be interesting for your research, sorted by the nearest cities and having an age close to yours

Information about this calculation at the bottom of this page

Matchmaker for successful couples is a trademark of Research and selectively is a clean good of the Society used for successful matching, men and women spiritly engaging looking to find the love of their life. Our process helping you to find your Future companion combines sophisticated methods of recruitment managers and search algorithms with matchmaking intuition to create a holistic approach to each search.

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Attention: Good to know

We use a fairly complex matching algorithm to identify the users who are most like you.
The calculation of distance is between the cities recorded on member accounts and on the web. If you have not published your geolocation, then the calculation is based on the coordinates of the city that you have saved in your profile and not the city where you are located because, in some cases, it may be different. You should know that this calculation and the result can not be exact for these reasons:

  • The calculation does not take into account the altitude, which in some places can influence the distance
  • Distance is "bird's eye" and not a road distance
  • Location Latitude / longitude of a city based on a point (generally the town hall of the city). The distance therefore does not start outside the city, but in the city center. So, for example, the distance between two distant profiles but located in the same city will be 0km.



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